High-speed backplane design
High-speed A/D PCB design
SI/PI simulation
DDR3/DDR4 timing analysis
EMC/EMI design

PCB Design


Prototype,Mass Production
FPC board,Rigid-Flex board
UL,ISO 9001,ISO14000,RoHS
Quick lead time,delivery on time

PCB Fabrication

Yageo whole series Capacitor and 
   Resistor storge 
Parts supply base on whole BOM
Global sources for supply chain
Supplier certification system
Standard IQC system

Parts Sourcing

SMT、Assembly, Testing One-Stop Service
20+ years Experience Manager Team
Central air-conditioning, Destaticization 
Standard SMT process and QA system

PCB Assembly

Chicagopcb provides turn-key PCB services: PCB layout design, SI/PI/EMC analysis, PCB fabrication, SMT & PCB assembly, and parts sourcing. As the largest PCB design center in China with 500 engineers, we are leading the PCB design technology. We have partnerships with Intel, Cisco, Huawei, Freescale, TI, Levono, and many more.