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Quantity must be a multiple of 1000 and cannot exceed 50000

If you need PCB Assembling service please send details by Email.
1.5~30pcs time is 24~48hours
2.over 50pcs time is 3~7days.

PCB Specifications

( numbers of boards in document )

PCB Details

Dimensions 0 X 0 CM Quantity 0
Layers 0 Thickness 0 MM
Solder Mask Font Color
Via Process Surface Finish
PCB Test Free 100% flying probe test Finished Copper 0 OZ

Shipping Information

Estimated weight:0KG
Estimated freight(DHL):$0

others type of shipping please send Email : chicagopcb@mail.com

Price details

Estimated total:$0
Material fee:$0 Engineering fee:$0 Tin spray fee:$0 Immersion gold fee:$0 More thinkness cooper fee:$0 Color fee:$0 Big size board fee:$0 Test fee:$0 Film fee:$0
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